Mucuna Pruriens – 4 Pouches


Each Mucuna Pruriens order contain:
4 x Mucuna Pruriens powder – 3 gram pouches


Known as the “Dopa Bean”, Mucuna Pruriens are dopamine boosting legumes that grows in the tropics.
As the precursor to dopamine, high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa can be found it mucuna pruriens.
This natural herbal supplement is an adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine to lower stress, improve focus, boost the libido and elevate your mood.
You can take this product 2 days before rolling & 2 the days afterwards.
This is thought to aid in dopamine production, especially if you took the larger doses or redosed a few too many times.
There are ways to reduce any side effects of the “MDMA Crash” and that can be done by dosing strategically and preparing your mind and body the days before taking these substances.
Beforehand Preparations:
– Consume nutritious foods & stay hydrated
– Get good rest & sleep
– Avoid hard drugs & alcohol
– Staying physically fit and active
– Tryptophan & NAC along with the Mucuna Pruriens
It is important to notice that tryptophan, NAC & Mucuna Pruriens are to be taken the next day after your roll.
You should NOT take these supplements while you’re rolling or on the day that you roll.
Take these supplements the days before your roll and after your roll.
The days after your roll:
– Kick back, relax & keep it light
– Get a good nights of quality sleep
– Take supplements – Tryptophan, NAC & Mucuna Pruriens
– Consume nutritious foods & stay hydrated
There are ways to dose MDMA that can help reduce the chances of a crash significantly.
It is common to feel a positive afterglow after your experience and this can last for days to weeks.
Please check out “How to Dose” page for more information.


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