Candy Flip Kit | Pure MDMA + 120ug LSD Tabs


Candy Flip Kit includes:
2 x 80mg Pure MDMA Capsules
2 x 130mg Pure MDMA Capsules
4 x 120ug LSD AKA Lucy Tabs
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This Candy Flip Kit offers the euphoric bliss of Pure MDMA with the psychedelic hallucinogenic features of Pure LSD to create a psychological state that may combine the benefits of both substances.
The MDMA will, almost certainly, elevate your mood and brings waves of Euphoria for 2-3 hours.
The LSD (aka Acid/Lucy) can feel like you’re seeing the world for the first time – a sort of a dream-like feeling with stimulated and seemingly profound thoughts – with visual distortions.
There are 3 ways that this combination can be dosed:
1) Taking the LSD & MDMA simultaneously
2) Taking the LSD first and then the MDMA later (Typically 2-5 hours in)
3) Taking the MDMA first, then the LSD 1.5 – 2 hours later (Preferred method of Nicholas Sand)
If you’re looking to take the LSD & MDMA at the same time, know that the LSD (typically 9-12 hours) will last quite a bit longer than the MDMA (typically 4-6 hours).
The effects of LSD usually come on in 60 – 90 minutes while he effects of MDMA can come on within 30 – 45 minutes.
Each method may induce a different trip and these experiences will be subjective to you.
How to Dose LSD:
A typical LSD microdose would be between 8ug up to 20ug.  However, most prefer a dose in the mid-range of around 12ug to 16ug.
A typical breakthrough psychedelic-level LSD dose would be around 120ug.  An intense psychedelic experience would be doses up to 240ug.
We do not recommend psychedelic doses over 300ug.  One can experience more anxiety without increased therapeutic benefits when taking these higher doses.
For best effects, take the LSD before a light meal or on an empty stomach between meals.  Taking it later in the day can disrupt sleep.
Potential LSD benefits:  Reduced anxiety, stress relief, increased motivation, creativity, empathy, euphoria, epiphanies.
Potential risks:  Emotional sensitivity, anxiety, disordered thinking, dry mouth, impaired judgement, hallucinations.
Warnings & Safe use:
Lithium is risky when combined with LSD.  Do NOT use them together.  It can cause heart problems and seizures.
Using antidepressants, MAOIs, SSRIs or SNRIs will usually reduce the effects and benefits of LSD.  Doses up to double the usual amount may be needed for beneficial effects.
Do not combine with anti-psychotics.
Do not combine with alcohol, stimulants, or depressants.
Do not operate a motor vehicle, swim or climb on LSD.
Storage information:
LSD is degraded by heat, light & chlorine.  Keep it in a dry, cool & dark place.
How to Dose MDMA:
Take one dose (80 – 130mg) and wait 2 hours to decide if you’d like to take another 80mg or 130mg dose.
Redose in 2 hour intervals.  It is not advised to take over 300mg per session.
It is suggested that you should have an empty stomach and not eat any food 3 hours before taking MDMA.
If dosing on an empty stomach, the onset will come on much quicker and stronger while the duration of the experience may be shorter in length.
When taken on a full stomach, the onset of the come up will take longer and the incline will be steady and smooth, allowing for a longer experience.
For a balanced experience, we suggest having a light meal 2 hours before dosing.
It is highly recommended having loved ones close by experiencing this with you and sharing many hugs.
MDMA is known to be a social drug and having someone around to chat with could be worth more than anything in the world.
Cautions and Warnings:
MDMA can last up to 6-8 hours.
Do not consume more than 300mg capsules in one 8 hour setting.
It’s prudent to make sure your MDMA is MDMA by testing your products with the Marquis Reagent Test Kit.
Storage Information:
Store in a cool, dark and dry place away away from children and pets.
Please check out our page on “How to Dose“.
* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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1 Kit, LSD Tab Only


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